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5 Reasons that Make Turtles Great Pets


Turtles are one of the existing oldest reptiles on the planet. Their slow-moving mannerisms, cute gestures, and hard shells make them unique pets. They’re hard and modest creatures and fun to care for. People who want to become pet owners often consider cats and dogs. However, they are much more expensive and a hassle to take care of, especially if you’re always busy.

Tortoises and turtles make adorable and excellent pets you might not have thought about before. Let’s discuss the practical reasons to get yourself a pet turtle.

Why Consider Getting a Pet Turtle?

While turtles and tortoises seem like low-maintenance pets and very simple to care for, they can live for decades and will require a lifelong commitment. Moreover, they are getting popular and beautiful as pets. So if you’re not a turtle person, you will be after reading the five reasons we’ve enumerated below.

1. Relatively low maintenance

Every pet has challenges, and we don’t say that turtles are exempted from this rule. However, pet turtles will give you fewer headaches than higher-maintenance pets. Tortoises and turtles are relatively small, which is one reason they’re good to take as pets. Moreover, they’re easy to care for and quiet. With proper habitat, diet, and consistent care, your turtle can live a long, happy life and stay with you for decades.

2. Not picky eaters

If you have picky eaters at home, your pet turtles will never add to that problem. Water turtle species are omnivorous and can eat feeder fish, worms, and green produce. You may also buy pelleted diets from nearby pet stores that are ready-to-feed and nutritious. Tortoises aren’t as difficult to care for as well.

Most of them are herbivorous and will eat veggies, fruits, hay, grass, fresh greens, and pelleted tortoise diets. Many reptiles will benefit from vitamin, and calcium powder sprinkled on their food at least 2-4 times a week.

3. No need for regular grooming

Unlike traditional pets, turtles do not require regular grooming, which is a great benefit you can have. They don’t have fur, which is another benefit for people who have pet allergies. Moreover, they don’t need to be bathed and brushed, but there are a few things you can do to keep your shell and skin healthy.

4. Cleaning outside their habitat is not needed

The tank you’ll provide your turtle is their world. This is why it’s essential to choose their home and surroundings wisely, but it could also mean that you won’t always clean up after your turtle’s mess. You only have to clean their mess when you replace the water in their tank and clean what’s in there.

Dogs and cats tend to shed, poop, and make different types of mess in the home, which can be quite a mess. Taking turtles as pets gives you peace of mind knowing you’ll never have to clean up after them in your backyard and scoop a litter box.

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5. Their enclosure is their world

While cats and dogs need to roam about the house, many turtles are already very content to live inside their enclosure. Since turtles will spend the rest of their time in their habitat, choosing the right tank is necessary.

Turtles will require larger tanks than you might think. Always research when buying turtles to plan and familiarize yourself with everything they will need when they get into your house. You may also consider yourself a favor and purchase a larger tank for your pet turtle to grow into instead of upgrading as the turtle grows.

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